We supply most, if not all of the major Airlines and MRO’s around the world with licensed aircraft tooling and Ground Support Equipment

Field International’s global capacity is flexible and can achieve our customer’s requirements, which include but are not limiting to manufacture, design, calibrate, repair and proof load.
A few of our major OEM customers:
• Airbus Defense & Space (Tier 1)
• Airbus Helicopters (Tier 1)
• BAE Systems (Tier 1)
• Boeing Aircraft
• Bombardier
• Goodrich
• Lufthansa Technik
• Rolls-Royce
• Rolls-Royce Naval

Field International’s experience has allowed us to offer very competitive prices and excellent service to airline operators and maintenance bases worldwide, making good use of our low cost global manufacturing and service centres.

Field International is proud to be a Boeing, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space Tier 1 suppliers, supporting our customers around the World.

Tier 1 Suppliers

In April 2009, exactly a year after gaining our Airbus License, our Singapore facility, (Field International PTE), was awarded a Boeing Aircraft Tooling License. This has allowing them to successfully manufacture, calibrate, repair and supply maintenance tooling for all the Boeing family aircraft, from popular legacy aircraft such as the B737 and B777, and we are currently the market leaders of B787 Max Tooling.
Field International is a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus Defence and Space, having invested in the design and manufacture of assembly tooling for the A400M programme and will hold the Global IP and manufacturing rights for more than 32 maintenance GSE tools.

Field International has worked within the defence sector for over twenty years supporting existing products, helping with the manufacture of tooling or designing and manufacturing specialist equipment.

Defence Sector

With our Global network of manufacturing bases in the United Kingdom, Singapore and China, Field International can handle a wide variety of projects, both short and long term, covering Land Systems, Naval Engineering and Military Aircraft GSE.

Field International have been awarded a coveted Department of Defence Award for Quality from the Government of the United States of America. This prestigious award is in recognition for the support Field International has given BAE Systems on a major international defence contract.

Past projects of note include the design of multiple aircraft maintenance tools for the upcoming Airbus A400M aircraft including the Rudder Removal/Installation tool, the design of storage and transportation fixtures for the Rolls Royce WR21 engine and the design of various intake and exhaust engine covers, work mats and heater blankets.

Field International is a design engineer and manufacturer of precision tooling to Aircraft and Military clients; delivering both assembly and production tooling. We have developed a wide range of bespoke services and following our growing reputation, Field International has been awarded Global Aircraft Tooling Licensee for Boeing Aircraft tooling and we are Tier 1 supplier to Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space.


Field International IP Tooling

Field International has a dedicated team of design engineers and will undertake the design and manufacture of Aerospace tooling, including creating FIL part numbered tooling, (Field International Limited owned IP).

As part of a long-term relationship with Airbus, Field International has designed and manufactured many tools that appear in the Airbus Aircraft Maintenance Manuals. These tools are denoted by the following part number configuration ‘FIL’ followed by four numbers and sometimes a letter, (e.g. FIL8700A).

Aircraft Production Tools

Field International design and manufacture a range of aircraft production tools. Priding ourselves on our license agreements and working closely with our aircraft manufacturers, we develop products that are of a high quality; designed with safety, use, purpose, lifetime and customer satisfaction in mind.

Past projects include; The design, manufacture and installation of the Wing Skin Panel Production Jigs for the Airbus A318 and A320 Aircraft at the Chester Facility in the UK. The design and manufacture of the Wing Transportation Jig for the A318/A319/A320 and A321 Airbus Aircraft. Several bespoke storage containers an example of which is the Internal Transportation Containers for Engine Turbine Storage.

Specialist Equipment

Field International has extensive knowledge in the Aerospace and Defence sectors, we also support other clients in differing markets with specialist equipment. With precision machine shops, fabrication and assembly units in Europe and Asia we are well placed to support global customers.

Field International has the understanding and experience to provide specialist products, services and solutions.

Examples of our work include: • Heater – Main bearing shaft for CFM56-2 heat treatment process. • Simulator Test Boxes – A320/A321 main Landing Gear simulator test boxes.

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Field International specialise in aircraft jigs, fixtures, and ground support equipment, (range of undercarriage removal and installation, and handling trolleys), engine handling equipment and trolleys, tow-bars, jack test equipment, and electronic undercarriage simulator kits.

Field International has designed and manufactured a range of aircraft jigs and fixtures including A318/319/320/321 Wing Transportation Jig, Wing Repair and Wing Skin Panel Jigs, (which were commissioned at Airbus Chester).

A full inspection team with onsite Co-ordinate Measurement Machine that ensure that customer requirements are realised, working in accordance with British Standards ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

Precision Machining

Specialist Projects

Field International is involved in various specialist machined part projects. Examples are:

  • A Diffuser which was a research and development project; where Lufthansa asked Field International to come up with a way of dismantling worn or damaged diffusers, machining the repaired weld region and re-brazing the diffuser back together.
  • Computer Controlled Candlestick Jacks which are manufactured for British Airways; being specifically designed for use on Concorde.

Aircraft Parts

A few examples of items Field International have designed and manufactured:

  • Bespoke Intake and Exhaust Blanks and Covers,
  • Work-Mats for Intakes and Cold Stream Ducts which protect the acoustic liners from damage caused by personnel and tool
  • Bespoke Cowling Edge Protection Mats and Computer Controlled Jacks.
  • The Nose and Tail cone engine cover set which are supplied to Bombardier, Short Brothers Plc which are used to protect the engines when it is out of use.

Field International has a qualified team of design engineers based in multiple locations around the globe covering Europe, Asia and America who specialises in ‘turn-key’ design, development, manufacture and installation projects; utilising the latest design and production technologies.


Highly Qualified Team of Design Engineers

We are involved in the design of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Maintenance Tooling, Aircraft main assembly jigs, wing repair tooling and other jigs and fixtures for different sectors such as Rail, Marine and General Production Line facilities.

Field International offer a CE marking service either on our design or customers own design. Our facilities use the latest software packages.

All design and manufacturing projects can be supplied with full operating and maintenance manuals, which will be fully compliant with the latest CE & DoC (Declaration of Conformity) regarding to the supply of Machinery Safety Regulations 2006/42/EC or equivalent.

Field International has designed, and manufactures major Final Assembly Line tools for the Airbus A380 FAL. These tools now appear in the Airbus maintenance manuals.