A27092-139 Actuator Deactuator Set – Proximity Sensor

Part Number: A27092-139
Aircraft Manufacturer: Boeing
Aircraft Models: Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767

A27092-139 Actuator Deactuator Set - Proximity Sensor

Aircraft Application: B737-300, -400, -500, -700, -800, -900 & B747, B757, B767

The -139 actuator/deactuator set is used on all 737-300 thru -900 airplanes.

The new design -139 adds additional sensors improving the capability of the set.

It is used to actuate or deactuate proximity sensors during sensor test procedures. Actuator assembly is used to actuate (switch on) solid state or magnetic reed switch proximity sensor. Deactuator assembly is used to deactuate (switch off) solid state proximity sensor.

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