Field International is a design engineer and manufacturer of precision tooling to Aircraft and Military clients; delivering both assembly and production tooling. We have developed a wide range of bespoke services and following our growing reputation, Field International has been awarded Global Aircraft Tooling Licensee for Boeing Aircraft tooling and tier 1 supplier to Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space.

Field International has designed, and manufactures major Final Assembly Line tools for the Airbus A380 FAL. These tools now appear in the Airbus maintenance manuals.

Aircraft Production Tools

Field International design and manufacture a range of aircraft production tools. Priding ourselves on our license agreements and working closely with our aircraft manufacturers, we develop products that are of a high quality; designed with safety, use, purpose, lifetime and customer satisfaction in mind.

Past projects include; The design, manufacture and installation of the Wing Skin Panel Production Jigs for the Airbus A318 and A320 Aircraft at the Chester Facility in the UK. The design and manufacture of the Wing Transportation Jig for the A318/A319/A320 and A321 Airbus Aircraft. Several bespoke storage containers an example of which is the Internal Transportation Containers for Engine Turbine Storage.

Specialist Equipment

Field International has extensive knowledge in the Aerospace and Defence sectors, we also support other clients in differing markets with specialist equipment. With precision machine shops, fabrication and assembly units in Europe and Asia we are well placed to support global customers.

Field International has the understanding and experience to provide specialist products, services and solutions.

Examples of our work include:
• Heater – Main bearing shaft for CFM56-2 heat treatment process.
• Simulator Test Boxes – A320/A321 main Landing Gear simulator test boxes.